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Visiting us is not enough, come and live the "Authentic Colombian Experience."

"We accompany and guide you to live an experience beyond and above "

Centro Catalina

Spanish lessons

Break the language barrier and communicate with native professional speakers. Our programme is suitable for all levels and all ages.

Cultural and recreational activities

In the afternoons, we continue the learning with a varied programme of after-class fun activities.

Cartagena on the Caribbean Sea
Medellin in the Andes

Choose the best city for you, or simply get a both pleasure combination for a complete experience.

Do you want to live an authentic experience?

Discovering a country is more than just a sightseeing; it’s about the culture, meeting people, trying new things and living new experience, new tast , new flavours and going back home with your heart and mind full of love and unforgettable memories.

Centro Catalina specializes in accompany everyone who wishes to live an unique experience.

There are no limits, both juniors and seniors are most welcome to live this experience.

We guide you through the whole process so that you feel and live the cultural immersion.

Why Colombia?

If you have already been to Colombia once, then you already know the answer , it is obvious that you want to come back. If you have never been, just know that travelling to Colombia can be dangerous: there is a great risk of falling in love and wanting to stay longer.
In short, Colombia is a country whose natural diversity is overwhelming: Caribbean, Andes, Amazon, Pacific, deserts and plains are spread throughout its territory. It is the cradle of miscegenation and the inheritance of 3 ethnic groups; indigenous, Afro-descendant and European culture. A mixture that is reflected on one of its many typical rhythms: The Cumbia.
Although its natural and cultural riches are innumerable, Colombia’s treasure lies in its people. Human warmth and unparalleled attention, in Colombia you will meet people who radiate with their smiles, cheer you up with their singing and spreading happiness.

"If you want to know the blues of the Caribbean Sea, go to Cuba...
If you want to venture into the Amazon, go to Brazil....
If you want to discover the Andes and its ancestral cultures, go to Peru...
If you want to swim in the immensity of the Pacific, go to Chile...
But if you want to know everything in the same country, then come to Colombia"...."

Centro Catalina

~ Colombia is:

SO What are you waiting to live this adventure?

Our team is at your disposal to help you during the organization and planning of your stay.

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Spanish lessons



~ They lived the experience...

Find out what other participants experienced and what messages they want to share with you:

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