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Spanish in Colombia: A cultural immersion without equal

Centro Catalina is more than a Spanish school, it is an immersion centre.

We accompany you and give you all the tools to make your stay in Colombia a unique cultural experience: accommodation with native speakers, Spanish courses, cultural workshops, outings and interaction with locals.

With more than 10 years of experience, our Centre has been dedicated to accompanying hundreds of participants of all ages and nationalities to learn Spanish and discover a new culture.

We are the only Spanish language school in Colombia to have been accredited by IALC (International Association of Language Centres).

Our Spanish school maintains high quality standards, reflecting the management of its Swiss-Colombian founders.

~ Centro Catalina Spanish School is:


With more than 10 years of experience, Centro Catalina Spanish School has welcomed hundreds of students from all over the world.


Many students return to their countries with the idea of one day returning to Colombia and to Centro Catalina.
Having satisfied clients has made us the most visited Spanish school in Colombia and has allowed us to share with more than 3000 students since our inception in 2010.


Seeing our students smile is our greatest achievement and happiness.


For us, everything is about the joy and happiness of our participants. We want every day with us to be lived to the fullest. That is why, more than a school, many students consider us as "their family in Colombia".


Centro Catalina Spanish School is committed to maintaining high quality standards.


In 2017 our school received the quality accreditation from IALC (International Association of Langue Centre), as the first and only Spanish school in Colombia to be internationally recognised by their institution.

"The linguistic immersion that we offer goes beyond the Spanish classes in the classroom."

Why study Spanish with Centro Catalina?

At Centro Catalina Spanish School we invite you to "live Colombia" in its most authentic form.

We teach you the language, the customs and we take you to share with native speakers who transmit their way of life.

The linguistic immersion we offer you goes beyond the Spanish classes in the classroom. Learning is experienced in the streets, parks and squares. It is lived through every exchange that is born in a genuine way with “real life” Colombians.

What do we do at Centro Catalina?

Spanish Courses

We help to overcome the language barrier: Spanish classes, cultural workshops, gatherings and conversation spaces. The objective: to facilitate communication with native speakers.

Cultural Activities

We organise weekly outings and visits during which we focus on cultural aspects of the region. The aim is to have fun and learn at the same time with authentic and real exchanges.


Living with Colombians allows you to enjoy daily exchange spaces. You practice the language and learn about their customs. Our families have been working with our centre for many years and have been receiving students from all over the world.

Airport Transfer

As soon as you arrive in Colombia, our team will meet you at the airport and take you safely to your accommodation.

Who is Catalina?

Also known as the "India Lingua", Catalina is described as the exemplary example of the beginning of the mixing of cultures and languages at the time of the conquest. Considered as a "translator" between Spaniards and indigenous populations, Catalina still has an important image in the Colombian Caribbean population, where a monument in her honour stands. Our Centre is inspired by her name, because like her, we want to be a bridge between foreigners and natives. Our purpose is to allow a "cultural mixing" respectful of differences, rescuing the best of each tradition and learning from them, in order to enrich oneself as a person.

Centro Catalina Spanish School India Catalina Colombia
Our story
When I am asked if Colombia is dangerous, my answer is very clear: yes, it is.... The danger is that you want to stay forever. I'm Nicole, I was born in Bogotá in 1985. A year later, my parents left the country to give my brother and me a better future. At that time, Colombia was going through a wave of violence: drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare were causing a lot of damage to the civilian population.
Our story
I grew up in Switzerland, a very safe country, surrounded by beautiful mountains. My school language was French, but I never forgot my roots and my mother tongue: Spanish.
As I grew up, my love for Colombia grew too. I studied Spanish-American language, culture and literature at the University of Geneva. In 2010, at the end of my degree, I made the "crazy" decision to return to my home country. Ivana, my best friend from university, was the one who encouraged me in this undertaking. I took with me the only thing I had: my university degree, two suitcases and a lot of illusion to return to Colombia.
Our story
In October 2010, the project of my life began, Centro Catalina Spanish School, a concept that brought together all my great passions: Language, culture and my beloved home country: Colombia.
I invite you to be part of this story, where each of our visitors takes with them a little piece of Colombia in their heart.
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Our Spanish Schools in Colombia

Located in two of the most beautiful cities of Colombia, both schools enjoy a privileged location.

Old town, Cartagena

In Cartagena, we are located in the beautiful colonial streets of the historic centre. Surrounded by the sea and the city walls, the San Diego sector has the privilege of hosting both tourist and local life: shops, squares and markets, all in the middle of a magical and enchanting setting.

With 6 classrooms, a small cafeteria and a colourful courtyard, our school in Cartagena enchants with its family atmosphere.

El Poblado, Medellín

Medellin, a modern city surrounded by the Andean mountain, offers a wide range of activities. The city of the "eternal spring" is appreciated for its climate and enjoys pleasant temperatures of around 25°C all year round. Nightlife, gastronomy, ecotourism and many other facets allow this beautiful city to be qualified as one of the best in the whole country.


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