Who we are

We are passionate
about the language and culture

The Swiss-Colombian founders of Centro Catalina wished to promote language exchange in Colombia. Impressed with the riches and beauty of Colombia, they decided to open a Spanish school in Cartagena and Medellín to promote language exchange in a country that has often been seen by westerners as dangerous and violent.

The founders are graduates in foreign languages from the University of Geneva. They are seriously committed to offer high quality teaching with the best study methods and materials for ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera).

Foto del equipo de Centro Catalina Spanish School, sede Cartagena de Indias
Foto del equipo de Centro Catalina Spanish School, sede Cartagena de Indias

The Team

We create a unique learning atmosphere between teachers and students

The Centro Catalina team is well prepared to offer students a high quality service and Spanish educational program. The teachers are very qualified, dynamic, professional and experienced. We choose our Spanish teachers not only on the basis of their university studies, but also on the basis of their personality.

There are often meetings between founders and teachers to share experiences and optimize our methodology. This way we offer our students the maximum of our knowledge during classes.

Spanish School in Cartagena de Indias

Located just one block away from the well-known Fernández de Madrid Square and the famous Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel. We are located in one of the most secure parts of the old city center.

Our Spanish school is housed in a colonial building and offers all the necessary facilities for the organization of the classes: Internet access, Wi-Fi, air conditioning (AC), a small library, video projectors, audio material, TV, and DVD players.

We also have a patio and a coffee shop where students can take a break while enjoying a good Colombian coffee.

Fachada Centro Catalina Spanish School Cartagena de Indias
Spanish School in Medellin

Spanish School in Medellín

Our new school in Medellín is located in the renowned and very nice neighbourhood El Poblado, just 5 minutes walk from Parque Lleras and Poblado Park. We are located on a quiet street, which allows students to be calm and concentrated when studying, surrounded by beautiful green areas and parks.

At the same time, just two blocks away, you will be in Poblado Avenue, close to the best restaurants, hotels, bars and points of interest of the city.

Housed in a beautiful typical house, about 720 square meters, 6 classrooms, a courtyard, an outdoor garden where we can meet, do barbecues, and have a good time together.

Don’t change your lessons program!

The courses we offer in Medellín are identical to that of Cartagena (group courses, private, DELE, combined, etc.), therefore, you can continue with exactly the same program, the same material and the same methodology, without having to re-do the level test and without repeating topics you have already seen. 

Our teams in Cartagena and Medellín are in constant contact thus ensuring the perfect continuation of your curriculum.

Once enrolled in Centro Catalina Cartagena, you won’t have to pay any enrollment to continue your studies in Medellín.

Students Cartagena
Students Medellin