Cartagena’s Beach Life is Waiting for You

Incredible Caribbean landscapes, exotic islands and beautiful shores. The perfect plan when you visit Cartagena city is to alternate the city tours with sunny beach days.

Cartagena city is surrounded by the warm and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The ocean is only a few meters away from the emblematic walls of the “Walled City”, locally referred to as: “Old town” or “Downtown”. The beach extends around the peninsula of “Bocagrande” and “Laguito”, popular spots for tourists. In less than 25 minutes by bus from the Walled City, you will find “la Boquilla” beach, a great place to walk around and swim.

If you are looking for a white sandy beach then “Playa Blanca” in Barú is your destination.  The beach is located in south Cartagena, and can be reached by bus, taxi, car or boat. Playa Blanca offers a spectacular display of marine tones in its crystalline waters.

A perfect getaway from the city is an archipelago located approximately 100 kilometers from Cartagena. It is a National Park called “Islas del Rosario” (Rosario Islands) a fantastic natural reserve of 30 small islands. You will definitely find the see-your-feet crystal clear waters, coral and snorkeling that you associate with Caribbean paradise.

In these magical islands, the mangrove is the king of all vegetation and it reflects on the ocean with different blue and green shades, a delightful treat to the sight and spirit. The white sand beach and crystal clear water invite beach lovers to immerse themselves in this spectacular place.

If you want to enjoy the corals view and the richness of the marine life you can’t miss out the snorkeling experience. You can explore the archipelago by day tour or by staying overnight at one of the many accommodation options.

Cartagena has to offer incredible diverse things for you to choose and enjoy. If you want to take a Spanish course while you explore the city, Centro Catalina Spanish School is here to help.

Located in the heart of Cartagena’s old town our school is housed in a colonial building and offers all the necessary facilities to create the best learning environment: Internet access, Wi-Fi, air conditioning (AC), a small library, video projectors, audio material, TV, and DVD players.

The team is young, dynamic, and passionate about helping you learn Spanish. If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and modern methods to learn Spanish in Colombia you should feel at home in Centro Catalina.


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