Spanish Courses in Colombia

Courses start every Monday for all levels.
We are open all year round, including most Colombian public holidays.

Centro Catalina

Who are the classes for?

Our Spanish programme is designed for all those who wish to learn Spanish in an immersion situation. You study in the classroom, you practice in context.

For which levels?

From absolute beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), we guarantee open groups and programmes for all levels.

When do classes start and how long do they last?

Every Monday of the year you can start. Our school is open on most holidays in Colombia. You can study from 1 week to 1 year.

Students nationalities?

Our participants come from all over the world, including Sweden, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany, among others.

Students ages?

The ages of our students are as varied as their nationalities: people between 18 and 99 years old visit us and integrate perfectly into our dynamics. 

Which course to choose?

All our courses have a common goal: to learn Spanish in an efficient and enjoyable way.
Depending on your purpose, we have a variety of approaches to suit specific and different needs.
The administrative costs for enrollment are 60 USD. 
To find out more, take a look at the options.  

General Spanish Courses

Price per week
1 week 239 USD
2-5 weeks 229 USD
6+ weeks 219 USD

Group Spanish course in the mornings

20 Spanish lessons/week

5-6 students per group (max. 8)

From 9:00am to 12:40pm

If you are staying for a long period of time, this programme will cover all the communicative objectives necessary to explore life in Colombia or Latin America in general.

The grammatical structure is a tool which is presented in detail to help you express your ideas, feelings and thoughts.

Oral skills



Price per week
1 week 299 USD
2-5 weeks 289 USD
6+ weeks 279 USD

Group spanish course in the mornings and afternoons

30 Spanish lessons /week

5-6 students per group (max. 8)

From 9:00am until 12:40pm
From 2:00pm until 03:40pm

Oral skills



Lessons package 10L. 15L. 20L. 30L.
Private 1:1 280 USD 390 USD 490 USD 610 USD
Semi Private 2:1* 180 USD 240 USD 285 USD 380 USD
*Price per person.

Private spanish course in the afternoons

10, 20 or 30 Spanish lessons / week

1 student with the teacher (1:1)
Afternoon timetable

Semi-private lessons (2:1) are possible for people that enroll togheter.

In private lessons, you choose the approach you prefer. Conversation classes, grammar improvement, writing, pronunciation, cultural or specific topics: everything can be designed in this programme.



Our recommendation

Price per week
1 week 2-5 weeks 6+ weeks
Combined +5 319 USD 309 USD 299 USD
Combined +10 399 USD 389 USD 379 USD

Group course in the mornings and private course in the afternoons

Combined course +5 or +10

20 group lessons +5 or +10 private lessons/ week
5-6 students per group (max. 8) / 1:1 in the afternoons

From 9:00 am to 12:40 pm
Private courses in the afternoons

Which approach?

With the combined course you can enjoy the advantages of a group course in the morning and a private programme in the afternoon. 

This is the programme we recommend if your stay is short, as it allows you to reach your goals quickly.

Oral skills
Specific courses
409 USD/Week
1 or 2 weeks

Bildungsurlaub Course

30 Spanish lessons/week

5-6 students per group (max. 8)

From 9:00am to 12:40pm
From 2:00pm until 03:40pm
+ 5 guided cultural activities or 5 private lessons

For our German students, we are recognised by the government for the academic training scholarship “Bildungsurlaub”.

Our certificate applies to most German departments.

Contact us for more information.

Oral skills



DELE Packages
4 weeks 1440 USD
6 weeks 1920 USD
8 weeks 2240 USD
Additional week 260 USD

DELE or SIELE exam preparation

20 Spanish lessons/week

3-4 students per group (max. 4)

From 2:00pm to 05:40pm

Are you ready for the exam? We help you to develop the four skills required by the Instituto Cervantes. We offer courses for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Is there a better way to prepare yourself than in an immersion context?

Oral skills



Price depend on the course

CSN Scholarship programme

16-week course

Prices and schedule according to the course approved by CSN.

Our school is approved by the Swedish government for its CSN (Swedish Board of Student Finance) scholarship programme.

You can choose any 16-week course to apply for the programme.

Oral skills




Our courses include a programme of immersion activities outside of class time.

Centro Catalina

Tailored programmes

Spanish for families with children

Flexible schedules according to need.
Price on demand.

Throughout our trajectory, we have received a large number of families with small children in our facilities.
For them we have a special programme that allows them to have fun and learn with a variety of didactic and pedagogical games.

The children learn intuitively and effortlessly, so you can see great progress in their level of understanding and expression of the language.

While young children study with specialised teachers in their programme, parents can join the adult programmes and courses.

From a certain age, a joint family programme can be created for those who wish to stay together in the classroom.

Courses for specific purposes

Flexible schedules according to need.
Price on demand.

In addition to general Spanish, our teachers develop personalised programmes.

Depending on the participant’s objectives, we design tailor-made content to address the topics of interest to him or her.

Spanish-American literature, architecture, politics, ancient medicine, Spanish for business, climate change, conferences are, among many other topics, a few examples of what our team has developed for your students.

Spanish and Colombian life

9am - 12:40pm : course at the school
Local experiences in the afternoons.
389 USD/ week

The essential purpose of this programme is to gain insight into the culture.
Every afternoon we create opportunities for exchange with locals with a variety of profiles.

Our intention is for you to feel the “real life” of Colombia.

We leave the classroom and go to the streets, the squares, the markets. We visit vulnerable communities and put social work at their service.

What do the courses include?

Course materials

Academic advising and tutoring

Weekly activities

Tour and welcome aperitif

Study certificate and final pedagogical report

Free drinks (coffee, water and tea)

WiFi Service

Contact 24/7

Which methodology?

"Whether you choose a standard, intensive, experiential or DELE exam preparation course, there is always a common goal: to acquire the tools to speak and communicate".

Centro Catalina

When we talk about methodology, we are referring to how a language is taught.

At Centro Catalina we have several methodologies. The most important thing is that they are all adapted to the communicative needs of our participants.

Depending on your needs, the course will contain more or less focus on its form, i.e. grammar, writing and spelling. Although one cannot be separated from the other, it is not the same to study to travel in South America as it is to prepare for an exam at the Instituto Cervantes. 

Each course has a variation in its focus, so you can choose the one that best suits your objectives. If you need Spanish for very specific purposes, we can also design a tailor-made programme for you to achieve your goals. 

Our commitment is that at the end of your classes you will have fulfilled the objective of your course and that you will feel confident in speaking Spanish.

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