The most relaxing experience in a must place to visit in Colombia

If you feel stressed and need a time for rest and relaxation, a trip to the Santa Rosa de Cabal hot springs can be the solution to your needs.

Did you know?

The simple fact that if you shower with waters at higher temperatures you will have some benefits; for example, it stimulates the body’s oxygenation, improves blood circulation and it helps to eliminate germs and toxins from the body.

On the other hand, a bath in thermal waters stimulates the metabolism and the digestive system, improves relaxation and the production of endorphins. The increase in temperature helps the absorption of minerals by the skin, which activate the organism.

The most desired actions of the thermal waters are those with cutaneous benefits and those that help to improve muscle, joint or bone pain and rheumatic problems.

Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs

Throughout 70 years, Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs has promoted the welfare of visitors and guests, making it a must place to visit in Colombia for tourists and locals.

With diversity of ecosystems, especially the cloud forest, the fauna and flora of the area, the contrast of colors in the middle of the forest and a number of attractions that contribute to the ecological balance of nature, Santa Rosa de Cabal Thermal Springs is the best place to live a comfort experience.

A little history

Approximately 80 years ago in Santa Rosa de Cabal, when it was still part of the old Caldas municipality, the Arbeláez Mejía family acquired a land in a part of the mountain destined for livestock and timber trees.

Upon entering the land, they found warm water births at the top of the mountain, which they enjoyed as part of their family activities. However, as time passed by, they realized that people liked to visit these hot waters.

The family conducted studies and discovered they were hot springs. Since then, approximately 70 years ago they opened the first tourist destination of the Coffee Region, The Hot Springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal.

A warm experience

In addition to enjoying the thermal water pools, this wonderful place has a thermal spa in which they offer therapies with elements taken directly from the births of the thermal waters such as mud, clays and algae.

These treatments are specialized for relaxation, resting and some specific symptoms such as muscle pain and stress, among others.

On the other hand, they provide a thermal expedition in which visitors can walk through the mountains of the coffee cultural landscape, to the births of thermal water and see how these waters are born at high temperatures and all the impact they have on the landscape due to its mineral composition.

On these walks they also explain the history of the whole place and the municipality.

Among the activities to enjoy, you can sign on a coffee tour in traditional farms where tourists get to know the complete process of coffee, from planting to harvest. It includes the coffee tasting, bird watching and a visit to “Los Nevados (The snowcapped) National Park”.

If you are planning to travel to this amazing Latin American country and wish to have a deeply relaxation experience, you should add Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs to the list of places to visit in Colombia.

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