Learning Spanish through music: It’s easy and you’ll have fun at it

If you enjoy life to the sound of good music, I’ll give you simple tips for learning Spanish using this hobby. Music has the power to make you feel relaxed or stimulated; it opens our mind, it helps us focus our concentration and transports us to new places.

Listening to music in Spanish will give you new vocabulary and help you improve your pronunciation. The great thing is that you can listen to Spanish songs while you’re working, driving, exercising or just chilling at home.

Music improves your ability to memorize

Did you know that the music melody helps you to memorize the songs quickly? That’s right. Plus, researchers have pointed that listening to songs involves the same brain area we use to learn new languages.

We can memorize vocabulary and phrases much more easily if we have a catchy tune that keeps playing in our head over and over again. Melody and rhythm also help us to differentiate and articulate words, and to develop a more native pronunciation.

On the other hand, music is a key that unlocks our emotions, influences our moods and enhances our mental and physical well-being.

5 steps to get started

Learning Spanish through music is easy if you practice these steps:

  1. Find the right songs: You don’t want to get bored with a music gender that you particularly don’t enjoy; so go ahead and find music that you like. Try finding songs that tell stories, it would make it easier to understand and visualize.
  2. Find the song’s lyrics: Start by reading the lyrics several times to understand the main idea. Then break the song down, word by word. Look up all the unknown words and write them down on your “new word’s list”.
  3. Sing, sing, sing…: The more you listen to the songs and sing along, the faster you’ll learn!
  4. Sing it by heart (or at least the chorus): Try singing the song without looking at the lyrics. Then you’ll be ready to add the new words to your everyday conversations.
  5. Keep searching: Once you have learned the lyrics and understand its meaning, find more Spanish songs to keep on learning.

Connect with a new culture

Finally, learning Spanish through music will help you to connect with new cultures. You can pick up on common phrases, slangs and thoughts that are linked to the values and heritage of a Latin or Spaniard culture.

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