Humor is a big part of the Colombian culture

Colombia stands out for its natural beauties and the push of its people, but it also stands out for a very particular sense of the humor which is an important element of the Colombian culture that helps to assimilate the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly” news of an everyday life.

Colombians use comedy to give a positive touch to every potential bad news (whether political, economic or social…). In fact, there are Colombians comedians who have won the Guinness record by telling jokes for hours. The South-American country also has the Guinness record for the world’s oldest humor TV show.

Daily stress, routine and life issues affect our physical and emotional shape; however, for many Colombians having a positive attitude has led them to enjoy stability in the midst of any storm. Humor is an essential part of their lives; therefore, it is big part of the Colombian Culture.

In Colombia humor has no link to social status. Topics like poverty can entertain those that live it every day and those that only see it on the streets. Jokes are often icebreakers. Humor starts the conversation, then keeps it flowing and finally, ends it with a chuckle.

Laughter in our health

It has been scientifically proven that our brain emits electrical impulses a second after we start laughing, expelling all negative energy from our body. The discovery was only the beginning to understand the wonderful benefits of laughter for our health.

Smiling not only makes us happier people but is the relaxing method par excellence. A good laugh can eliminate physical stresses for up to 45 minutes. It happens because our body releases endorphins that reach our nervous system and give us a feeling of instant pleasure.

Laughing also benefits our heart because when we laugh our blood vessels dilate and the blood flows much better. It stimulates the immune system as it generates a greater amount of antibodies, natural agents that defend our bodies from diseases.

Laughter and our mind

Laughter makes it easier for our minds to get out of situations like the loss of a loved one or depression. Laughter is also an effective weapon when we must combat fears and phobias.

In the same way, laughing makes us more social because it increases our self-esteem and fills us with confidence to establish conversations, thus favoring the creation of affective bonds. Thanks to all this, it enhances our creativity and learning ability!

Learning Spanish in the Colombian culture

If you are looking for a Spanish course, we recommend Centro Catalina Spanish School in Colombia, where good humor and laughter are often blooming.

Learning Spanish in the Colombian culture will not only facilitate your learning process but will also help you to connect with a new culture and discover fascinating people and places. Centro Catalina Spanish School is located in Cartagena and Medellín, two main cities of the country.


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