Delirio, the best salsa show from Cali

In the 60’s and 70’s many countries around the world remained expectant before the beginning of a new musical genre, rock n ‘roll. Meanwhile, in Santiago de Cali, an emblematic Colombian city, something extraordinary was happening. Children, young people and adults ignored the chords of the electric guitars and let themselves be seduced by the vibrations that their bodies felt to the beat of the salsa music.

Although salsa music wasn’t born in Colombia, the city of Cali have conceived very good singers, musicians, composers, producers and dancers, becoming the world’s salsa capital, even positioning a very particular dance style.

From this intimate relationship between Cali and Salsa music, “Delirio” was born. An incredible salsa show considered a patrimonial icon from Cali, where music, circus and dance come together to provide an unforgettable experience, as its name declares, “Delirio” (delirium).

Delirio Foundation

More than four decades ago salsa became the language and hallmark of the popular classes from the city of Cali. For this reason, in the year 2006, the Delirio Foundation was created with the aim of reclaiming the popular culture of the city, promoting their festive identity before the world and contributing to the creation of spaces that would allow artists to obtain professional recognition.

The artistic and production team of the Delirio Foundation is made up of 580 people, including dancers, choreographers, costume designers, students and teachers of the circus, musicians, set designers, and lighting designers, among others.

“Caleño” (Cali’s local) Heritage

The world’s salsa capital is the epicenter of this unparalleled artistic demonstration. Those who want to enjoy this show should visit the “Delirio Tent” located in Cali, next to the Pacific Valley Events Center. This is undoubtedly the most innovative tourist and entertainment offer, a must event to attend when Colombians and foreigners visit this city.

From Cali to the World

This wonderful show that started in the streets of Cali has surpassed the expectations of many. It is a show seen for over 370,000 spectators that has transcended the local borders to reach many places in Colombia and 18 countries around the world.

With elaborate choreographies and great assemblies, the Delirio artists have made the European, Asian and Latin American audiences vibrate, having successful presentations in various stages such as theaters, open squares, event rooms, coliseums and bullrings.



A Delirium for you

One of the members of this team defends that: “Nowadays everyone wants to learn how to dance salsa. Everyone wants to go to a club and not sit still. So I think it’s something very beautiful and it’s worth taking the risk. Everyone should try learning to dance salsa; you shouldn’t be afraid of it because it is something that will liberate us from many things. It takes away sadness, and we forget all our problems. ”

Without a doubt, Delirio is an experience that nobody who visits Colombia should miss!

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