ELE Internship Opportunities at
Centro Catalina Spanish School

At Centro Catalina Spanish School, we are proud to offer ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Teaching) internship opportunities for educational institutions, universities, and other entities that provide distance education in the field of Spanish teaching.

Our school is pleased to collaborate with future Colombian teaching professionals, providing a real and enriching environment for the development of pedagogical skills and the application of theoretical knowledge in the classroom.

🌍 Dynamic Learning Environment

Vibrant & Multicultural: Ideal for teaching Spanish amidst diversity.

Teach Various Linguistic Competence Levels: Gain experience with students from different backgrounds.

🤝 Collaboration with Experienced Teachers

Close Mentorship: Learn effective Spanish teaching techniques directly from experts.

🏫 Diverse Student Demographics

Levels: Catering from beginners to advanced.

Ages & Nationalities: Experience in teaching students of all ages and backgrounds.

Adaptive Teaching: Develop skills in customizing teaching methods.

🌟 Support and Mentorship

Personalized Feedback: Regular advice and critiques from professional mentors.

Mentorship Program: Structured guidance to enhance your teaching skills.

💼 Modern Infrastructure

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Equipped with the latest in educational technology.

Abundant Resources: Access to contemporary resources for effective class planning.

🚀 How to Apply :

If your educational institution, university, or distance learning entity is interested in collaborating with Centro Catalina Spanish School to offer ELE internship opportunities to your students, please contact us at info@centrocatalina.com or via Whatsapp at +573107612157. We will be delighted to discuss collaboration possibilities and provide more details about the application process.

At Centro Catalina Spanish School, we are committed to the professional development of future teachers of Spanish as a foreign language and look forward to collaborating with you in this exciting stage of your training. We hope to welcome you to our center and share with you the passion for teaching Spanish!

Join Us, Embark on a Journey & Open New Doors to Your Future

Don't miss this unparalleled experience that will boost your career and enrich your soul. We eagerly await your arrival in Colombia.
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