Travel tips to go around the world

Travelling, without a doubt, is one of the best experiences you could ever have. If you agree with me, you probably enjoy getting to know other cultures as much as I do, appreciating wonderful landscapes and nourishing yourself from the history of each place you go.

When we travel our to-do list usually includes going to museums, visiting public squares, parks and theaters, enjoying the natural landscapes and checking out the cultural spots, among others… But if you’re looking for travel tips, I have some for you.

Whether you travel for pleasure, for business or for family plans, it’s necessary to know the tools and tips that could make your experience easier and more pleasant when it comes to travelling to unknown places.

Although your idea of trip may be to “unplugged” yourself from the rest of the world, the truth is that there are certain apps that could be useful to plan step by step your schedule and even help at the moment of arriving at the expected place. Today I’ll show you the 4 apps that every traveler should have on their Smartphone.

#1 TripAdvisor

It’s a platform that allows you to find accommodation and interesting places to visit. Its main advantage is the large community of international users who post their comments and experiences. TripAdvisor is a great way to plan a trip when you have little knowledge of where you are going.

Based on the comments of the users, TripAdvisor recommends the best ranked places to stay, the best tourist attractions, the most visited restaurants and much more. TripAdvisor has consolidated as one of the best platforms for travelers, and is available for iOS, Android, Nokia and Windows Phone.

#2 Foursquare

It is not a social network designed specifically for travelers; however, it could be very useful for its developed database of users and recommended places.

This geo network locates the user’s position and provides information about the shops and restaurants around them. Due to its popularity a wide network of shops have established agreements to offer discounts to the users.

#3 Maptia

It is a combination between a blog and a social network. Maptia allows its users to search for places according to the experiences of others in the past and shares the personal experiences of new travelers when they reach their destination.

#4 FlySmart

If you’re planning a trip with scales, this app is ideal for you. FlySmart is an app designed to provide detailed information about airports around the world. It includes relevant information, such as where the stores are located, what time the flights arrive, and what services are available within the airport.


Definitely no traveler should undertake an adventure without checking out these apps for timely travel tips. If your desire is to travel to Latin America, you should have an even greater tool to enjoy the experience in a more complete way and this is: The Spanish language.

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