Tailored Spanish Courses

At Centro Catalina, we recognize that each student has unique needs and goals when learning Spanish. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to even more customized course options designed to meet your specific interests and needs. Explore our diverse selection of tailor-made courses!

Spanish for families with children

Flexible schedules according to need.
Price on demand.

Throughout our trajectory, we have received a large number of families with small children in our facilities.
For them we have a special programme that allows them to have fun and learn with a variety of didactic and pedagogical games.

The children learn intuitively and effortlessly, so you can see great progress in their level of understanding and expression of the language.

While young children study with specialised teachers in their programme, parents can join the adult programmes and courses.

From a certain age, a joint family programme can be created for those who wish to stay together in the classroom.

In addition to general Spanish, our teachers develop personalised programmes.

Depending on the participant’s objectives, we design tailor-made content to address the topics of interest to him or her.

Spanish-American literature, architecture, politics, ancient medicine, Spanish for business, climate change, conferences are, among many other topics, a few examples of what our team has developed for your students.

Courses for specific purposes

16-week course

Prices and schedule according to the course approved by CSN.


Spanish and Colombian life

9am - 12:40pm : course at the school
Local experiences in the afternoons.
389 USD/ week

The essential purpose of this programme is to gain insight into the culture.
Every afternoon we create opportunities for exchange with locals with a variety of profiles.

Our intention is for you to feel the “real life” of Colombia.

We leave the classroom and go to the streets, the squares, the markets. We visit vulnerable communities and put social work at their service.

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