Discover the Gold Museum in Bogota

Visiting museums is one of the best ways to learn about different topics such as history, nature and art. What makes museums special is how the experience of walking through them manages to transports us to different times and places.

If you are planning to travel to Bogotá, we recommend that you visit the Gold Museum of the Republic Bank of Colombia.

This museum preserves archaeological collections that are part of the heritage and pride of all Colombians and it becomes one of the best memories for the people who visit it. Visitors walk in a dark room that suddenly lights up to discover hundreds of gold ornaments that surround them.

The Gold Museum offers four permanent and two temporary exhibition halls.

Let’s talk about history

The collection process of the Gold Museum of Bogotá began in the year 1939, when the Republic Bank of Colombia acquired the first piece for collection the “Quimbaya Poporo”.

In 1940, the first exhibition took place at the Bank’s meeting room. Seven years later a new room was set up so that special guests could see the exhibitions.

In 1959, the Museum opened its doors and allowed access to the general public. The current museum location was built in 1968 by the Colombian architect Germán Samper Gnecco.

Two years later this building won the National Architecture Prize. The structure is characterized by its dazzling façade made of matt marble on a first glass floor.

Did you know?

The collection of the Gold Museum has been declared a National Monument and considered the most important in the world.

What to see at the Gold Museum

The Gold Museum of Bogotá has several rooms for permanent and temporary exhibitions. It is organized into 5 major thematic areas:

  1. The work of metals

The techniques of mining and ancient metallurgy are explained in this room, you will get to see how the workers extracted and produced the different metals back at that time.

  1. People and Gold in Pre-Hispanic Colombia

You will discover the role played by metals in the religious and political life of pre-Columbian cultures.

In addition, you get to learn about the social and cultural life of the people of those times: Their lifestyle, customs and beliefs. On the other hand, pieces in ceramic, wood and other related materials are also exhibited.

  1. Cosmology and Symbolism

It shows how certain objects were used and the role they played in mythology and shamanism. In this section you will find some of the most important masterpieces of the pre-Hispanic collection.

  1. The Offering

This is a modern room that represents the ceremony of the offering, through visual and sound effects, and the careful assembly of goldsmith’s pieces.

  1. The Exploratory

The Exploratory is an interactive room that provides the opportunity to interact with part of the heritage found at the museum. There are videos, images, audios, and models that reflect the ancestral culture.

The Gold Museum in Bogotá is located at the Santander Park, at the 6th corner of 16th Street. Come and learn a little more about Colombia’s Pre-Columbian roots through this amazing place!

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