How to make friends abroad

Meeting new people and immersing ourselves in new cultures is something that enriches our life in a wonderful way. We learn from the history of other countries, we nourish from their customs and acquire experimental knowledge so our life vision changes; it’s like our mind widens and we are able to see things from a different perspective. Plus, one of the greatest gifts that we get from being abroad, for either long or short periods, is making new friends!

Friendships strengthen our hearts and affirm our values ​​when new people join our path and share with us our victories and defeats. Nevertheless, there’re many people who find it difficult when it comes to making new friends, especially when you are in a foreign country. So I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to make friends abroad.

#1 Dive into the local culture

Find out about events, venues, plays and fairs that are happening at the town you’re in. Attending to these events will not only nourish your cultural spectrum, but it can also put you in a place where you hang out with people who share similar interests and it can lead you to start casual conversations.

#2 Put aside you fear

Letting go of fear is one of the first things you should do. The fear of being rejected or not being accepted could paralyze you and it will be a great obstacle when establishing new friendships.

Remove the fears from your life! Face them, and have the courage to speak with others today. Be friendly and open to start small talks, you might be surprised of the interesting conversations and the people you get to meet.

#3 Find extracurricular activities

Many colleges offer the opportunity for foreign students to join sports teams, choirs, dance groups or clubs. This is a great opportunity for meeting new people as you’re more likely to share similar interests with them and it will be easier for breaking the ice.

If you’re not part of a studies program, then you can look up on the internet for courses or activities that you’re passionate about or that you might want to learn. The goal is looking for new opportunities to connect with others and why not to find your new buddies.

#4 Check out the places where your classmates go

If you’re studying abroad, we recommend that you check where your fellow classmates go to hang out or study after school. Most cities that host international students have some common places where all foreigners students usually meet.

Your focus here is to step out of your comfort zone and visit new places at the town you’re living. If you don’t know how to get there, is an excellent opportunity to talk with a local and ask for directions, that’s another easy way to meet someone new.

#5 Learn the local language

Language is an essential part of a country’s culture. So it is definitely the most effective strategy for establishing new friendships and being able to cultivate them.

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If you practice this tips on how to make friends abroad you’ll live your travel experience to the fullest.


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