Things to do in Medellín: Visiting the Explora Park

Medellín is one of the most important cities of Colombia and the diversity of experiences that it has to offer will add very pleasant and fun moments to your adventure in this vibrant Latin American country.

If you are looking for things to do in Medellín and you are also a big fan of technology and science, we have great news. Let us introduce you to one of the largest parks in Latin America where children and adults can share multiple activities.

The “Parque Explora” (Explore Park) is an interactive museum for the appropriation and dissemination of science and technology. It houses more than 300 interactive experiences, an auditorium for projections in 3D, a Children’s Room, temporary exhibition halls and the largest freshwater aquarium in Latin America (which recreates two ecosystems at risk: tropical rainforest and coral reefs).


Among the main activities of the Explora Park you will enjoy multiple exhibitions where knowledge and entertainment meet.

Living Physics: Forms and forces in life

This is a space created to interact with physical phenomena expressed in living beings. From the simple to the complex, a rich inventory of experiences linked to daily life to recognize physics as a science close to everyone.

The Mind Room: The world from inside

This room has six sections:

  1. Brains: A world of neurons
  2. Perception: The distorted world
  3. Thinking: The world remembered and planned
  4. Communicating: The expressed world
  5. Dreaming: The fantastic world
  6. Experimenting: The world in games

Children’s room

The Children’s Room is a space designed especially for children up to five years with special environments created so the little ones get to be builders, artists, explorers, scientists and climbers.

You will also find activities that stimulate their motor and cognitive skills. This is a place to develop creativity and learn new things through the manipulation and exploration of different elements.

In addition to promoting socialization with other children and visitors, the Explora Park offers the possibility of participating in experimental activities related to science, technology and biodiversity.

In Scene: Stories after the stories

This interactive exhibition gathers 36 experiences related to the communication process and the innate ability that well all have to create new things.

Explora Aquarium

The Aquarium is a stage for the creation of a new thought. 4.000 individuals of 400 species inhabit freshwater and sea water fish tanks, reminding us that we are not alone.

In 25 tanks many of the representative species that inhabit the rivers, lakes and oceans of Colombia are exhibited, including piranhas, electric eels and a multitude of multicolored fish.

Time: Beyond the clock

You will find an amazing exhibition about time, from different points of view, going from philosophy, biology and to physics itself.


The Vivarium of the Explora Park is a pavilion that recreates the world of arthropods, reptiles and amphibians, an unpublished and profusely inhabited universe. It is a space for contemplation and free recreation. Like the Aquarium, it represents an exotic display of Colombian biodiversity, a chance to meet different species and also an opportunity for the awareness and caring of the nature.

Visiting the Explora Park should definitely be added to the list of things to do in Medellín. And talking about things to do while you visit this attractive Colombian city, you should probably take a look at Centro Catalina Spanish School.

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