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There are many systems and methods to learn Spanish. The most widespread are the grammar classes taught by a native teacher who uses with different learning methods and interacts with the students.

If you are looking for this type of Spanish course, you will be able to find it at Centro Catalina Spanish School, a great experience of learning in a friendly atmosphere and the great possibility to immerse in the Colombian culture. Surely you will never forget!

To practice and strengthen the contents studied we usually recommend different activities such as: listening to songs, readings books, going to outdoor activities and watching movies, among others.

Today we bring you a list of movies to learn Spanish:

Basic Level

“El Laberinto del Fauno” (The Pan’s Labyrinth): Spain 1944. Ofelia, a girl with an enormous propensity to fantasy, moves in the company of her mother to a rural residence located in the north of the Peninsula.

There, his stepfather, Captain Vidal, a fascist soldier, leads a platoon that fights the guerrillas hidden in the area. The imaginary universe in which Ofelia lives will become, little by little, a precise reflection of the darkest areas of her immediate surroundings.

Intermediate Level

“Los peores años de nuestra vida” (The worst years of our lives): With a father dedicated to raising chickens, a mother who only cares about her diet and a brother, Roberto, much more attractive than him, Alberto feels a complete failure.

For Alberto the problem is that he is a romantic and identifies with stupid love stories from the novels, songs and movies in which the protagonist always gets the girl. That is why, the day he meets Maria, he immediately realizes that he has fallen in love.

“Azul Oscuro Casi Negro” (Dark Blue Almost Black): This Spanish tragicomedy deals with several young people who try to solve their complicated relationships and family conflicts. Jorge is 25 years old and is trying to get his life back, even if he has to take care of his father sick with a brain disease.

Now he is doing the substitution of his father as a janitor in a building and in his spare time he hangs out his friend Israel. Antonio is Jorge’s brother; he committed a crime and now produces theater plays behind bars. He is also in love with a prisoner that collaborates with him, Paula, who wants to have a child as soon as possible.

Advanced Level

“Todo sobre mi Madre” (Everything about my mother): Manuela is a nurse who lives with her son Esteban, whom she adores. Esteban is a cinephile and loves watching movies in the company of his mother, especially ‘Eva naked’.

For his mother’s birthday, Esteban decides to invite her to the theater to watch “A tram called desire”. The two adore the work, and when they leave the place they meet Huma Rojo, the leading actress. Esteban does not think twice and runs after her to get her autograph. He crosses the street at full speed and, at that moment, a car runs over him.

If you are a movie lover don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying good films while you continue to learn and practice Spanish.

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