The Most Colorful and Festive Tradition of Medellín

Every year the city of Medellín dresses in the most radiant and beautiful colors to celebrate the floral variety and the beauties of its land. It’s one of the most important traditions of the city, and it’s called la “Feria de la Flores”, which means the “Flowers Festival”.

The Flowers Festival is held during 10 days in the month of August to celebrate and exalt the values of the Antioquia region. Locals and tourist meet together every year to enjoy the flowers in a very festive atmosphere filled with joy, fun, and diverse celebrations.

During the festival you will find the most exciting activities, such us:

  • The “Cabalgata” (cavalcade), a horse riding procession
  • The musical “tablados”, musical concerts and parties, held in different neighborhoods of the city
  • “Fondas of my land”, traditional fairs to show the culture, folklore, and the customs of the Antioquia region
  • The Parade of classic and antique cars along the main streets of Medellin
  • The “Silleteros Parade”, a parade with the most beautiful flower exhibition

The “Silleteros Parade” is the central event of the Flowers Festival, unfolding thousands of flowers carried on “silletas” (chairs), which weigh up to 70 kilograms. The “silleteros” carry them on their backs.

The “silleteros” are floriculturists of the Santa Elena village in Antioquia. They own farms where they grow varieties of flowers, and each year they prepare “silletas” decorated with the most beautiful flower selection. This flower parade represents the end of slavery, when slaves carried men and women on their backs up steep hills instead of flowers.

The first “silleteros” parade took place with 40 men from the Santa Elena village, carrying on their backs flower arrangements to the exposition site.

It is definitely an important tradition that goes from generation to generation. In 2017 the “silleteros” celebrate the 60th anniversary of the flower parade.

The “silleteros” farms are open to the public. You can find a full day tour where they take you to see the amazing variety of flowers, and to be part of the “silleta” building process. They usually include a traditional and delicious lunch at the farm for you to enjoy a full day.

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