Sixth myths about learning Spanish

There could be some traps and myths that get in your way when you are determined to learn Spanish, and in some cases, they could get you discouraged. I’d like to go through these myths and give you a correct approach.

First Myth: “You can learn without much effort and in a very short time”

It’s false. Discipline and dedication are a must when it comes to learning a new language. In addition, it should be taken into account that each person has a different learning pace and some experiences are likely to be faster than others. Any scenario is totally valid; the important thing is to develop the discipline of studying, assimilating and practicing the language.

Second Myth: “I just have to learn a certain number of words”

Probably you’ve heard that to speak Spanish you should only learn about 3,000 words. But the truth is that for Spanish each verb conjugation is written in a different way. It’s necessary to learn not only the basic vocabulary but also the structure of each time and person spoken of. So it’s about understanding Spanish grammar.

Third Myth: “I’m too old to learn Spanish”

It’s never too late to learn Spanish or any other topics that you are curious about. Maturity gives you some tools that you don’t have when you’re a child or teenager. Learning skills don’t disappear with age.

Forth Myth: “The trick is to get the ‘right method’”

There is no specific single method for learning Spanish. What works for a person may not work for others. Some are self-taught and that helps them in their process. But many need a teacher with the ability to explain everything step by step. The best option will always be to explore different methods and live in a place where you can practice the language.

Fifth Myth: “I don’t have the time or money to spend”

It’s false. Learning Spanish is an investment for your future, is not about spending money. The days you spend learning Spanish are not a waste of time. It could be a great investment for you career.

Sixth Myth: “Going to a language school is enough”

Although is an important step to attend to a language school, you have to put all the knowledge into practice. Once the course is finished it’s necessary to continue practicing and improving.

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