A nature’s treasure in the middle of the city

Are you a nature-lover? If you find yourself enjoying the beauties that nature offers around the globe, you will be delighted by the tropical, wild and exotic vegetation of Medellín.

Green areas find a way to combine with the city streets to give place to a beautiful park in the middle of the urban area.

Medellín has several parks choices to visit, and one of the best is the Botanical Garden Joaquín Antonio Uribe. The Botanical Garden acquired its name in the year 1972. It has a very wide and beautiful collection of vegetal species, an auditorium, a library, museums and a great food court for the visitors.

The garden is located within the city and has very easy access via subway. It is just a few meters from the “Estación Universidad” (University Station).

Inside the Garden you will find an important collection of Orchids preserved in a stage called “Orchidorama”, a lovely architectural place for the flower exhibition. The Garden is well known for being a cultural center of environmental and botany education, with enormous floristic wealth, housing more than 1,000 living species and 4,500 individuals.

The Botanical Garden is divided into zones to make your visit more educational and enjoyable: Tropical forest, Palms Garden, Francisco José de Caldas Lagoon, Desert Garden, Orchidorama Garden, Medicinal Orchard, Patio of Azaleas, Vertical Garden of the South American Theater, Butterfly House, Restaurant Eras and the Labyrinth.

During the journey in the amazing garden you will see a large variety of species and plants that represent the richness of Colombia’s flora. For example, did you know that Colombia is the richest country with palms trees in America, and the second in the whole world? The collection has 120 species of palm trees.

The Garden has fresh and comfortable surroundings to walk around, sit down, eat something, and to enjoy a good book. It also has special areas, such as the Labyrinth, where children can play and explore nature. If you feel like taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden should be a nice escape.

How about learning Spanish while you enjoy nature and learn more about ecosystems? If you take a Spanish course at Centro Catalina, located in the city of Medellín, the Botanical Garden could become an excellent place to study and practice the language as it is a site prepared to cater for tourists.


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