Your Journey to Fluent Spanish with Centro Catalina's Unique Methodologies

At Centro Catalina, we believe in a diverse path to language proficiency. Whether you choose a standard, intensive, experiential, or DELE exam preparation course, our goal is to equip you with effective Spanish communication skills. Our methodologies are crafted to meet your unique communicative needs, balancing grammar, writing, and spelling with your specific objectives.

The ‘Spanish for Life’ Mastery Method

Solid language foundation and correct usage. Suitable for standard, intensive, DELE preparation, and Bildungsurlaub courses. This approach balances effective communication with grammatical mastery.
The ‘Spanish for You’ Advantage

Personalized learning. This method is highly flexible, catering to individual needs and preferences. Suitable for private, combined, semi-private courses, Spanish for Families, Travelers, and specific purposes.
Explore with ‘Experience Spanish in Colombia’

Cultural immersion and interpersonal connection. This method integrates learning with Colombian culture and community interaction. Ideal for those looking to explore Colombia’s culture alongside language learning.
‘Spanish and Expats in Colombia’ Expertise

Integration and guidance for expatriates. Tailored to the needs of foreigners settling in Colombia, offering language tools and guidance for a smooth transition. Suitable for private, combined, semi-private courses, Spanish for Families, Travelers, and specific purposes.

Centro Catalina's Unique Methodologies Born from Demand

Centro Catalina’s journey in teaching Spanish is marked by adaptability. We recognize that each student has unique needs. Here, we present our authentic methodologies, developed from our extensive experience, to provide an unparalleled Spanish learning experience in Colombia.

Which methodology?

"Whether you choose a standard, intensive, experiential or DELE exam preparation course, there is always a common goal: to acquire the tools to speak and communicate".

When we talk about methodology, we are referring to how a language is taught.

At Centro Catalina we have several methodologies. The most important thing is that they are all adapted to the communicative needs of our participants.

Depending on your needs, the course will contain more or less focus on its form, i.e. grammar, writing and spelling. Although one cannot be separated from the other, it is not the same to study to travel in South America as it is to prepare for an exam at the Instituto Cervantes. 

Each course has a variation in its focus, so you can choose the one that best suits your objectives. If you need Spanish for very specific purposes, we can also design a tailor-made programme for you to achieve your goals. 

Our commitment is that at the end of your classes you will have fulfilled the objective of your course and that you will feel confident in speaking Spanish.

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