Family Spanish Courses - Tailored Learning for All Ages

At Centro Catalina, we understand that every family member has unique language learning needs and preferences. Our Family Spanish Courses offer the flexibility to cater to individual requirements while ensuring that language learning is a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

For Children

Playful Learning

We specialize in creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for children. Our programs for kids are designed to make learning Spanish feel like a game and a source of pure fun.

Flexible Options

Children can study in family groups or join age-appropriate groups with other young learners. Our courses are tailored to their developmental stages, ensuring that they enjoy a positive language learning journey.

Spanish for families with children

Flexible schedules according to need.
Price on demand.

Throughout our trajectory, we have received a large number of families with small children in our facilities.
For them we have a special programme that allows them to have fun and learn with a variety of didactic and pedagogical games.

The children learn intuitively and effortlessly, so you can see great progress in their level of understanding and expression of the language.

While young children study with specialised teachers in their programme, parents can join the adult programmes and courses.

From a certain age, a joint family programme can be created for those who wish to stay together in the classroom.

For Adults (Parents)

Structured Learning:

Parents have the option to follow a structured group, private, or semi-private course, allowing them to progress at their own pace. Whether you’re traveling through Colombia or looking to solidify your Spanish skills, our programs offer the flexibility you need.

Explore Colombia

While your children enjoy interactive lessons, parents can explore the beauty of Colombia with confidence, knowing that their language goals are being met.

Customized Approach

We adapt our programs to meet the needs of each family member, ensuring that language learning is not only effective but also tailored to individual interests and objectives.

Cultural Immersion

To enrich your Colombian experience, we provide cultural activities that the whole family can participate in, deepening your connection to Colombian life and enhancing your language skills in real-world situations.

Centro Catalina

At Centro Catalina, we believe that language learning should be a joyful journey for every member of the family. Join us and embark on an adventure where learning Spanish is not just educational but also a source of delightful moments for both children and adults.
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