Songs to Learn Spanish

Songs to Learn Spanish

If you want to improve your Spanish skills in a different and fun way, songs prove to be a very effective strategy. Through them, you can easily learn vocabulary, grammar, and enhance pronunciation. Stay with us and learn how to do it and which are the best songs to learn Spanish. Let’s get started!

Steps to Make the Most of This Learning Strategy

Learning Spanish through songs is a highly effective way to enhance language skills. Here are some steps you can follow to make the most of this learning strategy:

  1. Start by choosing songs that you like and that are suitable for your level of understanding. Beginner-friendly songs typically have simple and clear lyrics.
  2. Listen to the song as many times as necessary until you get accustomed to the rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation. Explore the general meaning of the song before delving into the details of the lyrics.
  3. Now, look up the meaning of the lyrics online. While playing the song, follow along with the lyrics to better comprehend what you are singing.
  4. The next step is to break down the lyrics word by word and look up the meaning of those you don’t know or understand. It’s recommended to have a dictionary on hand or use a translation app. This task will greatly help expand your vocabulary.
  5. Similarly, pay attention to the grammar. Analyze the structure of the sentences and the grammar used in the song. Doing this will teach you how certain constructions are used in Spanish.
  6. Once you feel familiar with the lyrics, it’s time to sing along with the song. This is when you will improve your pronunciation and fluency in Spanish.
  7. As part of the previous action, try to imitate the pronunciation and pay close attention to intonation and accent differences.
  8. If you really like the song, try to memorize the lyrics. This way, you can easily recall vocabulary and grammatical structures.

These steps will help you make the most of learning Spanish through songs, enhancing your language skills in an enjoyable and effective way.

Why Music is an Effective Way to Learn Spanish

A majority of songs for learn spanish have the particularity of being catchy, and often, it’s impossible to stop humming the melody. And it’s precisely this – the catchy melodies – that can help you learn Spanish easily and differently.

While it’s true that audiobooks and Spanish dialogues are another good learning strategy, listening to music is much more enjoyable. It also helps change people’s moods and can be listened to everywhere, for example, in the car, on the train, while exercising, etc.

On the other hand, using music to learn spanish is considered the best vocabulary trainer. The practice of looking up the meaning of the lyrics will help enrich your vocabulary.

Likewise, in Spanish songs, there are many common phrases and vocabulary that will help you understand the various slang expressions used in Spanish-speaking countries.

Now, due to synaptic formations in the brain, vocabulary and sentences are memorized better with songs than with rote learning. The whole body is engaged in learning: the head moves to the rhythm of the music, the feet move, and the lips pronounce the words learned and memorized.

As if that weren’t enough, music has an impressive power to motivate us. The emotion and pleasure felt while listening to Spanish songs can be a motivating boost to continue learning the language.

Listening to songs also helps improve listening comprehension skills, as they are often sung at an acceptable speed and with different accents.

Imitating the singer’s pronunciation helps perfect Spanish pronunciation. Meanwhile, practicing the intonation and rhythm of songs contributes to speaking with fluency and confidence.

Additional Tips for Learning Spanish with Songs

  • Start with simple songs and gradually progress as you gain more confidence.
  • Create playlists of songs to learn Spanish based on your preferences.
  • Share your song selection with Spanish-speaking friends for feedback and discussions about the lyrics.
  • Explore different genres like rock, pop, salsa, romantic, etc., to familiarize yourself with various accents and cultures.

Best Songs for Learning Spanish

As you’ve seen, learning Spanish through music is an effective, different, and exciting experience. Songs not only immerse you in the language but also connect you with the culture and rhythm that distinguishes Spanish speakers. If you’re ready for an enriching learning journey, here’s a list of ideal songs to learn Spanish. It’s worth noting that the list includes several Colombian singer-songwriters, influences we use in our academy. Let’s take a look!

“La Bicicleta” – Carlos Vives y Shakira

A very cheerful song that will take you through the streets of Colombia. Ideal for learning about verb conjugation in the present tense.

“Vivir la Vida” – Marc Anthony

A salsa song that will immerse you in the energy of Latin rhythms. This song will teach you how to express your desires and emotions.

“A Dios le Pido” – Juanes

Combining rock and Colombian folklore, this song provides an opportunity to explore the imperative grammar.

“Colgando en Tus Manos” – Carlos Baute y Marta Sánchez

A slow romantic ballad that will help you better understand expressions of affection and love in Spanish.

“Rayando el Sol” – Maná

A very popular song from the Mexican band that delves into poetry and emotion. Great for learning descriptive vocabulary and metaphors.

“Te Amo” – Franco de Vita

Another romantic ballad that will help you learn about the use of pronouns and common expressions of love in Spanish.

These songs for learning spanish are just the beginning. It’s essential to explore different musical genres to enrich your learning experience. What are you waiting for? Start learning spanish through your favorite songs.

See you in the next installment!


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