For nature lovers in Colombia: Discover a majestic national monument

Colombia is a beautiful country of Latin America with a rich, rich history. If you have plans to travel to this country, specifically to the city of Medellín, you can’t miss the famous “Piedra del Peñol” (Stone of El Peñol).

With about 220 meters of height, the great formation rises on the municipality of Guatapé, receiving every year hundreds of tourists interested in its spectacular and fascinating history.

This monolith is composed of three types of minerals: Quartz, feldspar and granite. Currently, visitors can reach the top by climbing a total of 740 steps, which are built on one side of the rock.

The Stone of El Peñol offers tourists a beautiful view over the Guatapé Dam, an ideal place for nature lovers and water sports fans. It is located 70 kilometers away from Medellín, with an average temperature of 19 ° Celsius and is the most visited site by Antioqueños (Locals from the Antioquia region).

At its peak there is a viewpoint where, in addition to observing the landscape, you can find handicrafts and snapshots, among others. At the base of the rock there are also several handicrafts shops and restaurants.

Three theories

The origin of the great stone is still a mystery for the inhabitants of the area; however three theories are handled about the appearance of this monument.

The first theory said that it could have been a meteorite, until a group of geologists made the studies of its components and discarded this theory, since the rock is composed of granite, quartz and feldspar, very common elements on the earth.

The second theory says that it was a volcanic eruption that when making contact with the air became a rock.

The third theory is perhaps the most accepted, since the eastern of Antioquia region is on a tectonic plate called “Antiochian batholith”, which covers an approximate area of 10,000 km2. A clash of tectonic plates caused an outcrop of stones, the most representative The Stone of El Peñol in Guatapé, as one of the largest in the world and the only one with scales.

The history

According to the story, The Stone of El Peñol was an element of worship for the Indians who inhabited the region in pre-Hispanic times. And during the colonial era many legends were created, one of them used to say that it was the devil who tried to take the stone several times, and that is the reason of the great crack that presents at the foot of its western side.

In the 40s decade, the National Congress of Colombia declares the stone a National Monument.

In 1954, the Colombian Luis Eduardo Villegas López decided to climb to the top accompanied by Ramón Díaz and Pedro Nel Ramírez. In 1988, it was planned to paint in white the word “Guatapé” on the stone, however, due to problems in the municipality of El Peñol, only the letter “G” and part of the “U” could be painted.

In the future, the construction of a modern cable car is planned, which will allow the ascent of more people, including persons with disability.

If you’re a nature lover discovering Colombia, The Stone of El Peñol is a natural majestic place that you shouldn’t miss!

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