Reading books to learn Spanish

One of the greatest satisfactions when you learn a new language is being able to read books from famous authors written in the original language, without losing any nuance with the translation.

When you begin to master Spanish, you will be lucky to handle a language spoken by more than 500 million people, in which some of the most important works in history have been written.

Reading books to improve your Spanish is a great method! That’s why today we bring you our Top of the best literature to learn Spanish.

Basic level

Guantanameras by Dolores Soler: Lisa and Priscilla are twin sisters. One of them lives in Havana and the other lives in Miami. They meet in Cuba after twelve years without seeing each other. The experience will help them realize the many differences that exist between their lives in Cuba and in the United States, while they live unforgettable adventures.

Amnesia by José Luís Ocasar: A robbery, an accident and a victim who can’t remember. The police believe that he is the thief, but a nurse is going to help him out of his amnesia.

A magical reality by Gabriel García Márquez: Talks about the life of the Colombian author, from his childhood in Aracataca until his death in 2014. The story follows his footsteps in Latin America and Europe, his interests and, of course, his literary journey: From his first stories published in newspapers to the success of “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. In addition, he portrays the writer from the point of view of his friends and the young authors who were inspired by his work.

A Chinese story by Noemí Cámara: Roberto decides to help a young man that he just met to find his family. Jun is a Chinese who has just arrived to Argentina and can’t speak Spanish. They will strike a strange friendship.

Intermediate level

Calle Mayor, 10 by Belén García Abia: José is a tour guide in Madrid. One day, when he is on a date with a client, he sees the death body of a woman. Immediately, he calls the police, but they find nothing. Has there really been a murder or it is all part of José’s imaginations?

In August 77 you were born by José Luís Ocasar: A son in search of his father’s memory. A mother who refuses to tell him, but who ends up revealing to him what until then had been a family secret. A current vision of a difficult time, but also a fascinating one.

Advanced level

The dead do not like photography by Manuel Rebollar: For Alicia, student of Information Sciences, life is kind of a photo album. But one day, a certain photograph introduces her to a new world that can cost her life. The story takes place in an atmosphere of mystery and suspense.

The latest novel by Abel Murcia: Eduardo is a young researcher from Barcelona working on a university project. He’s a terribly clueless man and this will cost him dearly at work. Paradoxically, the incident at work will be the starting point of his relationship with Laura, a new researcher on the project. The story goes through the first moments of the relationship between these two characters and shows a very curious sequence of successes and misunderstandings.

Reading books to learn Spanish can be an incredible experience! The literature of this language is one of the greatest.

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