San Andrés Island, a true paradise on Earth

If you’re an ocean lover and have always dreamed about the perfect paradise beach, you are probably closer to find it in San Andrés Island. This fabulous place is immersed in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, a beautiful spot that houses waters of magical colors.

Once you are in San Andrés Island, you quickly understand why they call it “The Ocean of the Seven Colors”. Its waters range from the sandy tone of the beach, through the turquoise and degrading to the deep blue, a true visual spectacle to delight you.

This little paradise was the meeting point for Englishmen, Spaniards, pirates and corsairs to mix and produce a rich culture. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the beach, water sports, diving and ecotourism.


From the moment you reach San Andrés, the atmosphere embraces you with a harmonious and calm feeling. The hosts receive their visitors with big smiles, that kind of smiles that only those who drink fruit cocktails at any time and dress in light and comfortable clothes regardless of the day, can boast.

On the streets you can hear them speak Creole: a mixture of Elizabethan English, Spanish and African dialects. They also speak Spanish and modern English, so communication with travelers is very simple. This cultural meeting left a mark in the music so get ready to listen to reggae, reggaetón, raga, soca, calypso, merengue, vallenato and salsa.

Unique experiences

Swimming among manta rays, snorkeling and diving in coral reefs that allow a visibility that exceeds thirty meters are some plans that enchant those who visit San Andrés Island.

One of the best things you can do to fully enjoy this beautiful island is to delight yourself with every opportunity to get involved with the culture of the place. A good option is to coincide with the traditional festivals that take place throughout the year, such as the Festival of the Green Moon, in mid-September, which celebrates the Afro-Caribbean culture with music, dance and excellent gastronomy.

In addition, there is the Festival of the Crab in April, the Week of the Sea in mid-July and the Patron Saint Festivities of San Andrés at the end of November.

5 things you can not miss in San Andrés Island

Hoyo Soplador (Blow Hole)

Located in the southern part of San Andrés Island, in this cavity there is a phenomenon that resembles a fountain, which is produced by waves that collide with coral reefs, and through underground tunnels, the water is expelled with great pressure.



La Loma (The Hill)

If you want to admire a fascinating panoramic view of San Andrés Island, visit La Loma, the oldest neighborhood at the island and the highest point of this coastal city. From there you can see the beauty of the ocean with its different colors and the typical traditional architecture of the houses of this wonderful island.

Botanical Garden

It comprises an area of eight hectares, of which six are considered as natural reserves, and where a great variety of flora of the region is conserved.

The aquarium

It is a great place to snorkel and swim peacefully, since its depth is only one meter, making it a perfect alternative to go with the family, especially with the little ones of the house.

Cave of the Pirate Morgan

Meet the cave where according to a legend of the island, the Morgan Pirate hid a treasure that has not yet been found. At the surroundings you will discover other interesting attractions such as the replica of a pirate ship, the Coco Museum and the Pirate Museum.

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