The Bill in Spanish: How to Ask for the Check in Different Situations

Many individuals aspire to embrace Spanish culture and language, and a frequently asked question is, ‘How do you ask for the bill in Spanish?‘ Whether you find yourself in Colombia or any other Spanish-speaking country, mastering this simple yet crucial phrase can enhance your dining experience. Learn today the various ways to effortlessly request the check. Let’s get started!

Ways to Ask for the bill in Spanish

When dining in a Spanish-speaking restaurant, knowing how to ask for the bill is an essential part of the experience. Doing so correctly and courteously ensures a smoother and more enjoyable dining experience. Here are some ways to make this request:

“La cuenta, por favor”

The simplest and polite way to ask for the bill, suitable for most situations. Translates to ‘The bill, please.’

“¿Podría traerme la cuenta?”

Another formal and polite way to ask for the bill in Spanish. Translates to ‘Could you bring me the bill?’

“Cuando pueda, la cuenta”

A more relaxed and friendly version, translating to ‘Whenever you can, the bill.’

“Me trae la cuenta, por favor” or “Nos trae la cuenta, por favor”

A more formal phrase, perfect for upscale restaurants. Adding ‘me trae’ or ‘nos trae’ (bring me the bill or bring us the bill) adds an extra touch of courtesy. Translates to ‘Could you bring me the bill, please’ and ‘Could you bring us the bill, please.’

“¿Cuánto es en total?”

Directly asks for the total amount of the bill. Translates to ‘How much is it in total?’

“¿Estamos listos para la cuenta?”

Asks the fellow diners if they are ready for the bill. Translates to ‘Are we ready for the bill?’

“Nos gustaría pagar, por favor”

Indicates the intention to pay and is a rather formal phrase. Translates to ‘We would like to pay, please.’

“¿Podríamos pagar, por favor?”

Implies both asking for the bill and indicating the intention to pay. Translates to ‘Could we pay, please?’

“¿Podemos pagar ahora?”

Expresses the desire to conclude the meal and proceed with payment. Translates to ‘Can we pay now?’

“La cuenta cuando pueda”

A more informal way to ask for the bill, suitable for casual places. Translates to ‘The bill when you can.’

Remember, the choice of one form over another depends on the place and level of formality, so we recommend adapting your request according to the context.

Additional Tips

  • Be sure to leave a tip (usually 10% of the bill), as this is often a significant part of the worker’s income and is usually not included in the bill.
  • Be patient and respectful when waiting for the check. In Spanish-speaking cultures, service is often more relaxed, and waitstaff may not bring the bill immediately after you finish or request it. If you’re in a hurry, you can request the check promptly by saying, ‘La cuenta prontamente, por favor.’

We hope that with all the information provided here, you’ve learned the different ways to ask for the bill in Spanish.


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