Unforgettable Colombian beach paradise

When you think about going on vacations and the first thing that pops into your mind is a beautiful beach, you should take a look at Colombian beaches. This South American country is part of the top ten countries with the best beaches in the world. The weather, both Pacific and Atlantic coasts and its people make Colombian beaches the best option to enjoy with your loved ones.

Colombian beaches – “Cabo de la Vela” (Sail Cape)

Among the most visited places of Colombia is “Cabo de la Vela”, which is a paradisiacal place where the sea mixes with the desert. It’s located at the high Guajira of Colombia and is without a doubt an unequaled destination that no one should miss.

Cabo de la Vela is a great opportunity for those who want to live an extreme adventure, as you can only get to the Cape by 4×4 SUVs and the main accommodation to stay is at the shore, using tents and hammocks as shelter. Around 98% of Cape’s visitors say it’s a unique experience that everyone should try!

The attractiveness of the landscapes and the different activities for entertainment make Cabo de la Vela a favorite spot for adventure tourism’s lovers. It’s also a must-go place for beach lovers and those who want to explore Colombian beaches.

What can you do in Cabo de la Vela?

There are different places where you can recreate, of which we can mention:

“La playa El Cabo” (The Cape beach)

It’s a bay of calm waters with a mix of green and blue tones, white sand and several amazing cliffs. The shops and restaurants are located at a special part of beach from where you can contemplate a spectacular sunset. You can also find Kitesurf and surf schools where you can spend an exciting time with trained instructors.

“El Faro” (The Lighthouse)

A lighthouse is a structure with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators. From this tower you can see the “Ojo de agua” (Eye of Water) and the “Playa El Cabo” (Cape Beach). The top of the lighthouse is a privileged place to watch sunsets. In this area there are several villages of the “Wayuu” Indigenous, who dedicate themselves to attending their visitors in the best possible way.

“EL pilón de azúcar” (The sugar pylon)

It is one of the three most important elevations of the Guajira. The Wayuu indigenous culture tells us a story to explain the origin of these elevations:

They reported three brothers, sons of an important “cacique” (chief), decided to go around the Guajira. On their way, each one of them abandoned the journey because of their fatigue. The ground where they felt asleep raised an elevation of stones and one of those elevations is called today “El pilón de azúcar” (the sugar pylon)

If you’re looking to explore Colombian beaches and try some extreme tourism, “Cabo de la Vela” is the perfect destination for you!

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